Famille Rose Red-Ground Medallion Bowl, Qing Dynasty, QianLong Period (1735 - 1796)


Bowl used exclusively in the imperial court. The traditional point of view is that the bowls were made, decorated with underglaze blue and the seal mark and then sent from Jingdezhen to the imperial workshops in Beijing to having the enamel decoration added.

Decorated on the exterior with three medallions enclosing three friends of Winter (Prunus, Pine and bamboo), all painted in soft famille rose colours and surrounded by red sgraffiato ground. The decoration of pine, prunus and bamboo, known as the Three Friends of Winter, or simply The Three Friends, symbolizes the strength, purity and uprightness of the cultivated gentleman, and is a common decoration on porcelain throughout the Ming and Qing dynasties. The interior of the bowl is decorated in underglaze blue, the base with a square seal mark of Qianlong in underglaze blue. Diameter 14.4 cm.

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