An Exquisite Doucai Olive-Shape Vase, Ming Dynasty, Chenghua Period (1465 - 1487)


Exquisitely painted with two dragons amidst phoenix spray, the delicacy of the vase is further accentuated by the scrolling tendrils that cover the white ground. The vase represents the Chenghua emperor’s keen interest in ceramic production in dedication to his beloved concubine Wan.  A very unique colour called Chazhi (off Purple) can be readily seemed applied sparingly all over the vase.  The secret formula and ingredients used in producing this colour had been lost along the demise of Emperor Chenghua.  The entire vase has pink hue which is unique to Chenghua imperial kiln ware can also be readily seen.   The foot ring and base is glazed and a six character seal mark within the double line rectangle with the additional word at the bottom, the surname of his beloved concubine. 24 cm. High.

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