An Exceptional Cobalt Blue ‘Parrot’ Peach Charger, Ming Dynasty, Xuande Period (1425 - 1435)


Very finely potted with shallow rounded sides divided into twelve bracket foliations, rising from a short tapered foot to a barbed everted rim, beautifully and richly painted in shades of cobalt accented with the 'heaped and piled' effect, the interior with two long-tailed parrots perched on fruiting pomegranate branches, the birds' arched bodies leaning towards each other, surrounded by blooms of camellia, lotus, chrysanthemum, mallow and pink, all wreathed by interlocked meandering stems within a single line border, further encircled around the sides by meandering spray, within double-lines at the rim, the exterior painted with similarly detached floral sprays within double-line borders, the base and foot ring left unglazed; 42.0 Diameter.

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