A Very Rare Flambe-Glazed Faceted Cowpea Red Glazed “Bamboo Neck” Vase, Qing Dynasty, Kangxi Mark and Period (1661-1722)

ITEM CODE: Q302606

Vases of this form, called Xuanwenping ('string’ pattern vase) are potted with two different types of mouth rim, either a wide dish-shaped mouth or a slighted inverted galleried rim. The present vase falls into the latter category.

The compressed pear-shaped body is subtly decorated with a series of low horizontal bands, and the tall tapering neck is encircled by two bow-string bands in imitation of bamboo, all below a wide slightly inverted galleried rim. The vase is covered overall with an unctuous change-kilned cowpea read glaze. 21.5 cm high

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