A Unique Blue And White Dish, Yuan Dynasty (1271 - 1368)


The intricate web of this ravishing pattern is a tour-de-force of porcelain decoration and a showpiece of the adaptability of Jingdezhen’s porcelain painters. With their strict radial symmetry that ideally suits a circular vessel, geometrically laid out patterns as seen on this piece are among the most magnificent Yuan porcelain designs. In its impressive shape, bold and rich design, masterful execution and bright coloration the dish embodies the peak of Jingdezhen artistry in the Yuan dynasty (1279-1368).

Taking Middle Eastern patterns as their model, they transferred a style that would normally be executed with compass, ruler and pen to a surface that had to be freely painted with a brush. No mistakes were permitted, as the unfired porcelain surface immediately absorbs the cobalt-blue pigment, like paper does with ink.

On the present piece, the reverse colour of the peony and chrysanthemum flower scrolls defined the basic layout. A white peony flower and stem leaves in the middle of the dish.  The filigree scrollwork filling the entire dish is superbly executed. The exterior is decorated with lappet penal in cobalt blue.  The underside is unglazed revealing its greyish-cream base.

45 cm wide, Diameter.

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