A Song Ding-Style Dark Brown Glaze Wine/Tea Bowl & Saucer, Song Dynasty (960 - 1127)

ITEM CODE: S302607

Song Dynasty Dark Brown Glazed Porcelain Wine or Tea Bowl, the footed wine bowl with glazed mouth rim, the body shaped like lotus leaf on inverted circular foot; with fitted louts leaf saucer. This bowl and stand are examples of Ding ware, made in the Hebei province of China during the Northern Song dynasty (960-1127). Ding wares were of the earliest true porcelains made in China, and the world. The term porcelain is applied to ceramics made from a mixture containing a clay called kaolin and a white stone called petuntse, which was fired at high temperatures. Porcelains differ from other ceramics in their impermeability, whiteness after firing and fine texture.

While most Ding wares are characterised by their ivory-white tone, a few examples have black, brown and green glazes. The aubergine-brown colour of this bowl and its stand is known as ‘purple Ding’, and a rare find. Despite having such a different appearance in colour, they are still characteristic of Ding ware in their bright white bodies and burnished glaze.

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