A Rare Molded Blue and White Barbed Rim Disk, Yuan Dynasty (1271 -1368)

ITEM CODE: Y302601

A Rare Molded Blue and White Barbed Rim Disk, Yuan Dynasty and Period (1271-1368) Diameter 45.5 cm
The intricate web of this ravishing pattern is a tour-de-force of porcelain decoration and a showpiece of the adaptability of Yuan Dynasty’s porcelain painters in Jingdezhen. One can’t rule out the possibility of the involvement of painters from middle east then as the middle eastern pattern suggests. This is style that would normally be achieved with compass, ruler and pen on a surface that had to be freely painted with a brush. No mistakes were permitted, as the unfired porcelain surface immediately adsorbs the cobalt-blue pigment, like paper does with ink.

The centre of the disc is finely painted in rich tones of underglaze blue depicting a pair of crane warding among the flowering lotus plants. The cavetto is delicately molded and decorated in reverse reserving the raised decoration against a cobalt blue ground with a band of scrolling peony consisting of eight flowers. The exterior is decorated with a band of lotus lappets. The base is unglazed with an edge-cut foot rim; 45.5 cm Diameter

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