A Blue and White Bowl with Phoenix and Dragon Design, Ming Dynasty, Chenghua Mark and Period (1465-1487)

ITEM CODE: M302603

There are not many large blue and white under glazed ware from the Chenghua period. Chenghua clay is typically more refined and the slightly cream coloured tone softens the white porcelain skin. In contract to the rhythmic and dynamic expression of blue-and white ware during early Ming, Chenghua pieces show a softer, dedicated feel. The Mallow-shaped bowl is tapering inwards sharply and above a short foot, the bowl wall is paper-thin, decorated with alternate Dragon and Phoenix in both interior and exterior of the bowl. In the centre of the medallion is a pair of dragon and phoenix among the ruyi cloud, the base with six-character mark in a double line squares. H. 7.5 cm. Diameter 21cm.

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