05 Nov 2019

Ten Attributes Of Aging Marks Of Antique Ceramics

In the world of antiques, there are the genuine ones and of course, imitations. In such a profitable market like the distributing of antiques, many want to pass their own ceramics off as the real one.

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26 May 2020

Introduction to Song Dynasty five Great Kiln and Song Ceramic Characteristics

The depiction of the Song Dynasty (960–1279)  five great kilns was widely reported as a result of Song ceramic wares gaining fame among Chinese and foreign collectors.  Song Dynasty ceramic ware making and art became mature during this period. It was the pinnacle of Chinese ceramic art, brought about by its prominent monochromatic glaze features and its elegant tone.

28 Nov 2019

The Beauty of the Tang Three-Color (Sancai) Glazed Ceramics

Sancai, or "Three-Color" is a term generally used to refer to multicolored or poly-chrome lead glazed earthen wear. Even though the "Three" is in the name, it does not indicate it's exactly three colors, but better understood to be more than two, or many.

19 Nov 2019

Finally! Here’s how you can authenticate ceramics using their bottoms.

In order to authenticate ceramics, we can use styles, temperature glaze, patterns, understanding the historical contexts and cultural background. To authenticate a single type is complicated enough, as even the same kiln mouths across different dynasties is also different. Therefore, to differentiate the real from the imitation, there must be a quick way to do it.

19 Nov 2019

They used to say that Yuan Blue-White Ceramics don’t exist. How was it then discovered?

This pair of Yuan Blue-white porcelain, perhaps you may know its story, origin and even legend, but it is more likely most people don't. What is its significance? Where is it now? Why is it there? The story of this ceramic begins with a foreigner.

06 Nov 2019

Song Ru-Ware antiques – Are they really the rarest and most valuable ceramic?

A preview by Sotheby’s  "Chinese Art" autumn auction was held in Hong Kong on August 24 2017. The Northern Song Ru-type sky blue glaze washer has finally reappeared and attracted much attention. 

31 Oct 2019

A Visit to Christie’s Autumn Auction in Hilton Singapore

This is a visit to Christie's Autumn Auctions and commentary by one of our co-founders.

28 Oct 2019

Ming Chenghua Chinese Porcelain are thinner than its counterparts. Here’s Why.

Because of the peace and prosperity during the Emperor Chenghua's reign, manufacturing of ceramics had a revival after the stagnation in the three former reigns.Chenghua Chinese Porcelain feel different from its Ming counterparts.

18 Oct 2019

How you can buy your first Chinese Ceramic without falling prey to scammers

Buying your first Chinese ceramic can be intimidating with so many scammers and fakes out there. Here is some tips on how you can get started.

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