31 Oct 2019

A Visit to Christie’s Autumn Auction in Hilton Singapore

This is a visit to Christie's Autumn Auctions and commentary by one of our co-founders.

Christie's is once again holding their autumn auction preview of jewellery, paintings and watches, held in Hilton Singapore on the 30-31 Oct 2019.

Christie's knows how to put up a great show and delightful experience for their esteemed guests. Besides having great ambience and a great relationship manager to take care of you, there were servings of canapes and whiskey.

There was a deejay on the music, and guides throughout the exhibition to ensure the safety of the paintings.

A private reception area took care of their VIP guests, while the rest of the visitors roamed the exhibition halls.

I asked the relationship manager if they were ever going to bring Ceramics over, and they said that maybe in 2020, as bringing ceramics from Hong Kong to Singapore can be a arduous endeavor.

Nonetheless, we hope to see more ceramic exhibitions in the coming year with Christie's.

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